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Teaser – The Project Ungoverned? Podcast

Take a sneak peek at our new podcast series.

The Project Ungoverned? Podcast looks at the the brave new world of online learning. We talk to educators, learners, visionaries, and pioneers in online education from across the globe to look at the possibilities, challenges, and governance of online learning.

As traditional boundaries in education such as classroom walls, time-based lessons, and age-based instruction disappear rapidly, education is becoming more accessible, affordable, and transparent. Tune into this six-episode podcast series as we look at challenges and opportunities for online education, and explore with our guests key issues and questions such as:

  • What implications does online education have on teaching and learning?
  • Will online learning improve or compromise educational quality?
  • How do we address the changing roles of the teacher and the student as a consumer?
  • What will become possible in education with new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain?
  • How are people concerned with the governance of online education?
  • What are the rules of engagement, and is online learning largely ungoverned? 

If you’re an online educator or student, an organization delivering online learning programs, a company creating enabling technologies, or just someone interested in good governance, this podcast is for you.

Interviewees featured in this teaser are:
Matt Dull, Virginia Tech (Episode 1)
Mojca-Marie Erjavec, Project Ungoverned? Team (Episode 1)
Julie Murat, Bridge for Billions (Episode 2 – Part 2)
Shana Kennedy-Salchow, Kiron Open Higher Education (Episode 3 – Part 1)
Aakash Sethi, Quest Alliance (Episode 3 – Part 2)
Alex Kaplan, IBM Watson Education (Episode 6)

Transcript of Teaser (pdf)
Download transcript of teaser here.


About Project Ungoverned
Project Ungoverned? takes place within the Bosch Alumni Network – a network which consists of people who’ve been supported in one way or another by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. The network is coordinated by the International Alumni Center – iac Berlin, a think and do tank for alumni communities with social impact. The iac Berlin supports this podcast series and our upcoming online symposium in January 2019. If you want to know more about the power of networks, visit iac-berlin.org. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the respective speakers.

Episode credits: Co-hosts and co-producers: Kim Ochs & Nicole Harkin; Editor: Matthias Jochmann; Communications: Mojca-Marie Erjavec; Social Media: Jelena Prtoric

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